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Lansdale PA Commercial Refrigeration

K&D Factory Service has been providing factory authorized kitchen equipment parts and service to the businesses of Lansdale, PA and the surrounding areas since 1945!

How long do Blodgett ovens last near Lansdale?

Because of its great energy efficiency and stellar service/repair histories, Blodgett Premium convection ovens offer the lowest cost of ownership of any commercial convection oven. Ideal for high-volume, high-use kitchens. Blodgett convection ovens are the state of the art for quality and dependability, lasting for decades in any commercial kitchen. With maintenance and care, your Blodgett convection oven could last longer than 30 years!

What maintenance procedures are appropriate for commercial kitchen equipment near Lansdale?

The following four elements are the most essential routine maintenance requirements in the commercial kitchen:

Clean vent hoods and ducts. A trained professional should clean the vent hood and duct at least once every six months to eliminate grease buildup.

Clean the grease filter. Grease filters reduce the amount of grease in your hood vent. While this is wonderful for extending the duration between vent hood cleanings, it does mean that the grease filters be cleaned on a regular basis.

AES (Automatic Extinguishing System) service. The AES, also known as the ANSUL System, must be maintained at least every six months by a certified contractor.

Examine the deep fat fryer. The deep fat fryer should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. After the fryer unit has been in service for five years, it should be examined by a certified commercial cooking appliance contractor at least once every twelve months.

How do you troubleshoot a commercial kitchen oven near Lansdale?
  • The thermostat is broken - Have an authorized technician [link to] repair it.
  • Thermostat is out of calibration - Follow the manufacturer's calibration procedures as outlined in the operator's handbook.
  • Capillary tube bulb out of adjustment - To guarantee that the temperature does not vary, the bulb at the end of the capillary tube must be properly turned on. This should be fixed by a qualified technician.
  • Temperature setting is too high - Reduce the temperature.

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Mark B.
Mark B. Checked in
Arrived at location on 7/20/21 - spoke with Viktor about issues with unit. First issue was the large discharge pump in back of unit was leaking at the flange. Viktor was not very concerned about the constant drip there. Second leak was very heavy coming from half way up the back of unit at the lower spray arm. Viktor wanted this fixed. Called Danny from manufacturer and he recommended disconnecting and pulling unit out and replacing the gaskets. This would require major tear down of plumbing and ventilation of unit and equipment to move out the large machine. I took many pictures of unit from different angles. For short term repair I removed nut from spray arm and put silicone around it then tightened nut back up. Recommended they follow manufacturer guidelines to let the silicone set up but that will take 24 hours of downtime. Viktor would like to wait and see if unit leaks now after repair and will call if he wants further service. Unit is back in service when it cures.
Lansdale, PA 19446
Service C.
Service C. Checked in
Started the Dishwasher and let run. Final rinse starts at 188 ° and rinse pressure is 25 psi. Ran many trays through and okay. Temps okay. The drain sol valve is not working and is disconnected. one rinse arm is not working . Checked the pump motor and it''s spinning, Open and cleared out the piping to the pump and from the pump into the spray arms and the nozzles are open. Tested several times and still won't pump. Need pump and drain valve and the lock wash pins for the spray arms. The unit is in service and wash temps are okay. PER VIKTOR, QWP (expedited freight) ALL PARTS 12/13/18 Disassembled and removed old pretense pump and installed the new pump and wired it in . Zip tie in wires and head butt end terminals . Removed and installed the new drain valve and installed the 2 new wash arm blocks. Power on and let heat up and run cycles. Customer passing many dishes through unit and temps are good. pre wash is running and at 139F wash is 164°F pre rinse is 156 ° F and final rinse i
Lansdale, PA 19446
Service Check-In ..
Service Check-In .. Checked in
Blodgett commercial kitchen equipment repair service.
Lansdale, PA 19446
Service C.
Service C. Checked in
Pump shaft seal leaking. Motor badly rusted. Will order complete pump assembly. - Replaced wash pump and motor. New gasket leaked. Swapped with old rubber gasket. No leaks at pump. Note- small drip at conveyor bearing gasket bulkhead warped cannot tighten further. Unit operational.
Lansdale, PA 19446

Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance agreement can keep your equipment running longer than the factory warranty. Reduce cost, downtime and have your equipment running at top performance when you need it most.

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Great service Very courteous polite and knowledgeable The Gardens At Stroud Stroudsburg
Super Guys! The K & D Team of repairman are super!. always courteous, friendly and get the job done right! Answer my questions and never a surprise cost. Dunmore Health Care Center Dunmore
Maintenance Supervisor Shawn is a good Devoted Service Tech from your Altoona Offfice Steve Long is always a great help when i call him Mount Union School District Mount Union
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