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Service C.

Service C.

Found Walk-In Freezer system low on refrigerant so I looked for leaks. Initially I couldn't find anything leaking so I boosted the system pressure with nitrogen. I could then hear the valve on the receiver leaking. I put thread sealant on the valve caps and tightened them which should be fine until I can get a new receiver. I also noticed the suction service valve on the compressor is badly rusted and is a risk of a future leak. I will order the receiver, valve and new dial thermometer (per Sandy's request). I added refrigerant and temp is now dropping. 10/24/19 Recovered refrigerant and replaced the leaking receiver and suction service valve. I changed the filter drier and pressurized system with nitrogen and didn't lose any pressure. Pulled a vacuum on the system and then put recovered refrigerant back in. I replaced the dial thermometer on the walk in and everything is now working normally.

Near Lancaster Ave, Denver, PA 17517
Service C.

Service C.

Arrived. customer stated Dishwasher unit won't stop running. checked and found no voltage to booster. found terminal block overheated, did remove and clean and got it to work temporarily. unit did heat but did not have proper amp draw with 240V. should have 29 amps with the 8.2 ohms across element. did find unit made temp but does take a little longer then usual. Unit is okay for use. Will provide quote for replacement of terminal block, cycle lights and booster element. 11-02-18 Returned to confirm that element is bad. Checked and found it pulling proper amperage. Will not be ordering the element or element gasket. Will provide quote to replace the terminal block and cycle light. ** No charge per Service Manager

Near Main St, Denver, PA 17517