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Overall the techs do not communicate what is wrong with the equipment., where they are with a project, and don't fix issues at the appropriate level. Total bill for location was over 3000 on an oven that is still broken and 25 years old. If the damage was irreparable, then they should have consulted prior to spending that money. We are actively looking for a more qualified repair partner.

Service C.

Service C.

found Convection Oven unit not reaching set point temp. Checked components, found all fans working. Found temp regulating valve not opening, will obtain new and return to replace. 11-2-17 shut unit down and replaced valve. Found would still heat slow, set point at 515*F, customer stated only need 450*F. Unit heated to 450*F after adjusting fan and gas pressure to 10"wc. Unit cycles at 450*F, customer ran pizza in unit, found temp drops to 430*F. Pizza came out ok, customer will keep an eye on unit, it is ok at this time.

Near West Main Street, Dushore, PA 18614
Service C.

Service C.

inspected unit, found 98v to burner and hot surface ign module. Hot surface ignitor drawing no amps, bad, needs replaced. 11-11-16 while installing hot surface ignitor, part broke. Will order new and return. 11-18-16 installed new ignitor and did not fix issue. Noticed no power to transformer. Followed wiring to centrifugal switch in motor. Switch not working inside main fan motor. Need to replace, will order and return to install. 12-2-16 pulled unit apart. Removed motor, installed new. Ran unit, fired right up and heated. All okay at this time.

Near E Main St, Dushore, PA 18614