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Allentown PA Commercial Refrigeration

Your Allentown Source for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts & Repair

K&D Factory Service Inc. has been your source for commercial cooking equipment parts and repairs since 1945. In the Allentown area, we provide commercial cooking equipment service and maintenance as well as manuals, parts and service.

All of our technicians are certified from the manufacturer and have received training in a variety of types of cooking equipment so that they can fix any equipment, any time. Our “Fix it Right the First Time” policy ensures that you’ll get your repair promptly and without undue downtime waiting.

In addition to commercial cooking equipment technicians, we offer refrigeration and HVAC technicians to tend to any problem that might arise. If the part we need for your repair is not in our inventory, we will ensure that the part is ordered and delivered directly to your door or to our branch, whichever is most convenient for you.

If your commercial equipment requires parts or replacement, K&D Factory Service is your one stop shop. Not only do we have an amazing inventory, but we offer manuals, parts and replacements from a wide variety of manufacturers. Whether your coffee maker or your pizza oven is on the fritz, our technicians can identify and locate the correct part to get you working and online.

When you want to rest easy, you can depend on our preventative maintenance agreements to keep your equipment in tip top shape and to help it last longer. You won’t have to worry about unexpected repairs and downtime when your equipment is kept in its best working order.

Allentown Address: 480 Business Park Lane, Allentown, PA 18109

You don’t have to take our word for it. At K&D our reputation precedes us. Once you’ve used our service you’ll understand why restaurants, schools and hospitals come to us again and again for our expert service. Call K&D today or contact us immediately.

Commercial Refrigeration FAQs

How do you troubleshoot a commercial ice machine near Allentown, PA?

To troubleshoot a commercial ice machine in Allentown, PA, you can: 

  • Check for any clogs in the ice machine.
  • Check to ensure that the power supply is on. 
  • Check to ensure that the water supply is working properly.

If you troubleshoot each of these things and the problem is still not resolved, there may be a deeper issue with your commercial ice machine that requires an experienced technician to diagnose it. To get your commercial ice machine repaired, contact us today.

Why is my commercial refrigerator freezing near Allentown, PA?

Your commercial refrigerator may be freezing in Allentown, PA because 

  • Your commercial refrigerator’s thermostat is set incorrectly. 
  • Your commercial refrigerator’s thermostat is malfunctioning.
  • Your commercial refrigerator’s compressor is broken.

If you find that your commercial refrigerator’s thermostat is set incorrectly, you can try increasing it by a few degrees to see if that resolves the issue. If your commercial refrigerator is still freezing once you try that, you should have a technician come assess it and repair it. To get your commercial refrigerator repaired, call us today.

What is the most common cause of a commercial dishwasher leaking near Allentown, PA?

The most common cause of a commercial dishwasher leaking is wear and tear of pipes, hoses and seals on your dishwasher in Allentown, PA. A great way to combat issues related to this problem is to have your commercial dishwasher regularly inspected and serviced. Regular maintenance helps to prevent surprise repairs because you can have faulty and broken parts replaced before they lead to issues like leaks. To get your commercial dishwasher repaired, give us a call today.

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K&D Factory Service Inc. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 2 customer reviews

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great service

Review of K&D Factory Service Inc.

serviceman was considerate, on time, and gave honest work. The company even called me to verify ordering a part b/c of the price being high. that is service at its best

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Great Service, Awesome Technican

Review of K&D Factory Service Inc.

The technican was very helpful.

Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 8/2/22 - Adam directed me to Vulcan range. Vulcan range pilot light for oven will not light. Attempted several times to light but it continues to go out. Thermocouple needs replacing. Checked gas 4.3” Advised Adam we will obtain art and return. Returned to location on 8/9/22 - Located unit. Had to remove all cover on top oven. Take out guards and remove the thermocouple from the set valve. Put the thermocouple through the left side panel and got down to bottom of unit. Put in and tested pilot and stays lit now and oven works. Reassembled the oven and let heat to 350 and oven is working good. Unit back in use.

Near N St Cloud St, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 6/27/22 - Disassembled unit and began inspection. Found heat relay filled half way with grease and no longer operable. Diverted 24 vac to ignition module to test function and got unit to lite. However unit does not want to stay lit and module throws an error right away. This is indicative of flame sensor failure. Ignition module appears to have signs of overheating at certain capacitors and relays. Dan said it was giving issues for a while before failure. Got permission from Dan to order all three items for repair. Unit out of service. Returned to location on 7/1/22 - Spoke to Dan. Disassembled unit and removed old ignition components. Installed new and tested unit. Unit fires up immediately and heats well. Back in service.

Near W Chew St, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 6/15/22 - Checked top compartment of left steamer. Not steaming. Probe housing is full of water. Checked water board. Calling for heat. Probes are limed. Turned off and let drain. Drained ok. Used delimer and brush to clean probes. Reinstalled housing and turned on. Filled. Now burner comes on. Blower is ok. Let come to steam. Set timer to 10 minutes. Timed down and buzzer sounded. Back in service.

Near Hausman Rd, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 5/9/22 - Turned on and pressed reset switch. Display does not turn on. Removed side panels to rotisserie and vent hood. Turned on. No power from power supply to the display. No power to the power supply. Checked vent hood. Air switch is closed and sending power to the relay which sends power to the power supply. Checked outgoing power from the relay. No power. As I was testing the relay the black wire was loose on the terminal. Pulled off and crimped terminal tighter. Put back on. Turned on power and pressed reset button. Now rotisserie powers on. Display on as well. Started. Heating ok. 15 amps per leg. Heated to temp. Set timer. Timed down and alarm sounded. Back in service.

Near Dorney Park Rd, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 4/18/22 - Located rational oven giving error(Top oven). The oven was in a cleaning cycle when arrived and still had 16 minutes left. While waiting for cleaning cycle to finish removed side panel and did visual inspection. After cleaning was done error code “gas reset” appeared. Reset gas and waiting the 5 minutes. Opened door to oven and for meat probe was broken. Ordered new meat probe. Turned oven on and allowed to heat and steam. Oven was not steaming. Put in only steam and still no steam. Removed igniter and looks very worn and was not sparking when turned on , cleaned ignitor with sand paper still no spark. Found error 30 and checked in rational book and followed trouble shooting tips. After following instructions diagnosis problem to be blower burner motor. Will not power on when set into steam. No suction from bottom when running. Checked voltage to blow motor and received 209V/1 Will order parts and return to location. Unit is still in serv

Near N Krocks Rd, Allentown, PA 18106
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 4/13/22 - Pilot keeps going out. Sal gave me the safety/thermostat to install. Took sometime to replace. Had to remove burner valve and pilot valve. Installed new. Reassembled. Lit pilot. Staying lit. Set oven to 350. Heated and maintains temps. Pilot is still lit. Back in service.

Near Allen St, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 3/31/22 - to check bottom Blodgett convection oven. Checked in with MOD and she shown which convection oven is giving them issues. Proceeded and troubleshoot oven. Checked door switch and found switch beginning to break apart causing switch to work intermittently. On/off switch knob is broken. Will order necessary parts, return and repair oven. Returned to location on 4/4/22 - found blodgett oven that is not in use and needs repair (bottom right.) dissembled the unit and removed the door switch. Put a new door switch in and reassembled the oven. Took off the broken knob at the top and replaced it with a new one. Turned on the oven and pilot lit and oven heated. Allowed oven to heat to 350 and it was okay. Oven is working as it should and ready for use. Unit is back in serviced.

Near W Chew St, Allentown, PA 18102
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 3/16/22 - Had to move existing 3 bank fryers to the right. The hose connection was on the left by the wall. Customer cleaned area before install. Hooked up hose and quick connect to the fryer and the connected to the manifold. Getting 8” incoming gas pressure. 4” to burner. Checked for leaks of oil and gas. No leaks detected. Set thermostat to 350. Heated to350 and maintains temp. Customer cooked fries. Came out ok. Ready for use.

Near Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 2/7/22 - Customer had replaced a seal in the deli me port which was the cause of the leak. Ran unit for half an hour to make sure there was no other leaks. No apparent problems were found. Unit in service.

Near Shankweiler Rd, Allentown, PA 18104
Mark B.

Mark B.

Arrived at location on 2/2/22 - Arrived site check free standing floor model steamer. Customer doesn’t have steamer in operation. Checked drain connection and found customer reworked drain from unit to floor drain In steel plumbing. Air gap present. Brought steamer into operation. Steam generators filling with water and found drain plumbing connections between drain box to drain valve and to steam generator dripping water on both generators. Tightened all fittings, as some were quite loose. Stopped water leaking. Steam generators fired to heat. Tightened all 8 compression fittings, which were difficult to tighten. Checked, no water leaking from fittings. Steamer back in operation.

Near Grange Rd, Allentown, PA 18106

Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance agreement can keep your equipment running longer than the factory warranty. Reduce cost, downtime and have your equipment running at top performance when you need it most.

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