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Commercial Ice Machine Service

Commercial Ice Machine Repair Service

Cold cocktails and soft drinks are key to customer satisfaction. Whether your ice machine has stopped working completely or it’s just not performing like it used to—you can count on K&D to provide timely repair, scheduled maintenance or to provide a complete replacement of the unit.

How often should a commercial ice machine be serviced?

Commercial ice machines should ideally be serviced twice a year to maintain optimal performance and cleanliness. Regular servicing helps prevent issues like mineral buildup, mold, and bacterial growth, which can affect ice quality and machine efficiency. During servicing, technicians typically clean the machine's interior, sanitize components, check for leaks, and inspect vital parts like the compressor and condenser coils. Some manufacturers may recommend more frequent servicing based on usage levels or water quality. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for specific maintenance recommendations.

What does it mean if the ice in my commercial ice machine is running but not making ice?

If your commercial ice machine's compressor and other components are running, but it's not producing ice, several issues could be causing the problem:

  1. Water Supply: Check if the water supply to the machine is adequate and the water inlet valve is functioning correctly.
  2. Water Filter: A clogged or dirty water filter can restrict water flow and affect ice production. Replace or clean the filter as needed.
  3. Water Inlet Valve: The water inlet valve may be malfunctioning, preventing water from entering the machine properly. It might need cleaning or replacement.
  4. Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil could be dirty or frozen, hindering ice formation. Clean the coil and ensure proper airflow around it.
  5. Condenser Coil: A dirty or blocked condenser coil can impair the machine's cooling efficiency, affecting ice production. Clean the condenser coil regularly.
  6. Temperature Settings: Check the temperature settings to ensure they are set correctly for ice production.
  7. Low Refrigerant: A refrigerant leak or low refrigerant levels can impair the cooling process and affect ice production. Consult a professional technician to diagnose and address refrigerant issues.

If troubleshooting these common issues doesn't resolve the problem, it's advisable to contact a qualified technician for further inspection and repairs.

What kind of maintenance does my commercial ice machine need?

Regularly clean the machine's interior components, including the ice bin, evaporator, and water distribution system, using manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions and procedures. Replace water filters as recommended to prevent mineral buildup and contamination. Inspect and sanitize the machine's exterior surfaces and surrounding area. Schedule professional maintenance checks periodically to address any issues and keep the machine running smoothly, adhering to manufacturer guidelines and local health regulations.

Commercial Ice Machine Repair Service

While preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your ice machine performs as desired, sometimes issues arise:

  • Strange Noises: This could be a sign that the compressor is on its way out, there is a problem with the temperature control unit or the defroster heater is obstructed.
  • Smelly Ice: You can have all the ice you want but smelly cubes aren’t going to sell product.
  • Frozen: Sounds like a weird issue to have with an ice machine but freezing can be an issue if it happens within the wrong place in the process.
  • Leaking: A misaligned filter cup along with some other environmental factors can put the water on the floor rather than inside your machine.

Keep Your Ice Nice & Problem Free!

After more than 75 years in the business, we have seen ice machines in every possible state and have serviced them to return to their optimal levels. The worst response to an ice machine problem is procrastination. Waiting and crossing your fingers for an issue to go away can double or triple the cost of something that could have been a relatively simple repair.

Call us today at 717-236-9039, or contact us online for all your commerical ice maker repair service needs throughout Pennsylvania. We'll rectify your issue.

Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance agreement can keep your equipment running longer than the factory warranty. Reduce cost, downtime and have your equipment running at top performance when you need it most.

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