Need OEM Parts? We’re Your Garland Range Parts Supplier

Commercial kitchens depend on reliable parts. Garland Range offers dependable, high-quality food service equipment to commercial kitchens throughout the world. Garland Range has a long-standing reputation for durability and efficiency. At K&D Factory Service Inc., we offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Garland Range parts to increase the efficiency of any kitchen work-space.

Whether you need OEM parts for the commercial kitchen in your school, hospital, restaurant, prison, or business, we carry a large inventory of Garland Range parts to ensure you get the necessary piece for your appliance.

Garland Range Products

Garland Range has a wide variety of products that significantly improve kitchen operations. Although our inventory doesn’t include full appliances, we do offer OEM replacement parts for most Garland Range products.

  • Garland Broilers (oven-fired and under-fired)
  • Garland Counter-top cooking (gas and electric griddles, electric fryers, electric hotplates, electric broilers, ceramic char-broilers, gas counter char-broilers, gas counter hotplates, step-up hotplates, thermostat-controlled griddles, valve-control griddles, counter fryers, char-broilers, and electric chain griddles)
  • Garland Fryers (gas and electric)
  • Garland Griddles and grills (single-sided and double-sided)
  • Garland Ovens (pizza oven, baking and roasting ovens, and convection ovens)
  • Garland Ranges (heavy-duty and restaurant ranges)
  • Garland Induction (counter-top series and designer series)

Each replacement part comes with a limited warranty.

K&D Factory Service Inc.

Every kitchen manager needs appliances that offer impressive performance rates, easy access for maintenance and cleaning, versatile options, menu flexibility, power, precision, and efficiency. You can count on our K&D Factory Service Inc. OEM parts to keep your appliances fully functioning.

As the main distributor for OEM parts in the mid-Atlantic region, we understand the importance of simple design and impeccable craftsmanship. With years of industry experience, we’ve been able to cater our services to meet the demanding needs of the commercial kitchen industry. We’ll do our best to provide OEM parts that meet your needs and extend the lifespan of your appliances.