Broken Fryer? K&D Factory Service is a National Frymaster Parts Distributor

It’s another hectic day in your commercial kitchen. The menu prep and food orders are constant. Suddenly, without warning, you hear a mechanical “pop” from your Frymaster-and the noise has nothing to do with the hot oil inside.

Equipment failure can happen to any business, but when it derails your regular cooking routine, you’re stuck. You can only adjust your menu for so long, particularly if fried foods are top requests. You can’t afford a brand new fryer right now, either.

The simple answer is to call K & D Factory Service Inc. Because we’re a national Frymaster parts distributor, we can ship anywhere in the country.

When Local Options Fall Through

You rely on your heavy-duty Frymaster to turn out perfectly cooked foods in an energy-efficient manner. You can’t afford to be without it for long, but Frymaster parts can be hard to come by.

At K & D Factory Service Inc., we’re the answer to your problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Consult your Frymaster factory manual to find the correct part. If you can’t find your manual, look it up by using our e-manual page.
  2. If you still don’t know which part you need, contact us at our Harrisburg headquarters or at any of our six locations in Pennsylvania.
  3. Speak to a friendly K & D representative about your problem. If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll find it elsewhere and ship
    it promptly to you.
  4. If you live within one of our service areas, call us for efficient servicing and repair.

At K & D Factory Service Inc., we’re your national Frymaster parts distributor. Call us today so we can ship your part promptly to your door.