Let OEM Duke Parts Revitalize Your Commercial Kitchen

Duke Manufacturing’s food serving systems range from steam tables to buffet tables to salad bars and beyond. If you use any Duke products, you know just how important they are to keeping your customers safe and satisfied. They’re easy to move and set up while they preserve your food’s safety, quality, and taste.

Duke’s OEM replacement parts live up to the original equipment’s safety and quality standards. To ensure that your Duke products continue to function at full capacity, contact K&D Factory Service Inc. As your Duke parts supplier, we can find the right part for your Duke product in no time.

Maintain Your Duke Equipment’s High Performance Standards

Your kitchen might need reliable hot and cold units. Or you might need a buffet table and sneeze guard to protect your food from unsanitary conditions. Either way, your Duke product consistently satisfies your customers and protects your food.

If a Duke part malfunctions, an OEM replacement part will ensure your equipment’s continued functionality. OEM parts fit the original model perfectly, eliminating any extra hassle while you search for the right fit. They also function at the same high standard you expect from your Duke product.

Benefit from Our Expertise

K&D Factory Service Inc. carries over $1,000,000 worth of products from hundreds of manufacturers. We’re manufacturer authorized to service a variety of brands, including Duke. Our factory training and manufacturer backing means that you can trust us to deliver the right part, every time.

When you work with us, you’ll always receive an OEM part, not a lower quality off-brand part. Our technicians are factory trained to identify and replace the right part for your Duke model.